I didn’t know Brandon snapped this pic. My Texico Marshal looks pretty good!


Thanks to Brandon from Game Kastle for this shot! Curtis and Henry in the foreground (left to right) and Nick and Dave in the background (left to right)


We seriously need some terrain. This is ridiculous. Dave was speechless. 


Encounter 1:
Henry and Nick had just finished a pretty 1-sided match. Nick’s sefadu were cursed by the God of Chance (dice) and took a heavy beating from Henry’s ISS. Some of Nick’s sefadu Team members didn’t recover all of their Blood from the previous match. 

Map: Custom (see picture 2)
Location: Monument Square
sefadu Mission: Facility Defense
sefadu Plot: Patient Hunters
Texico Mission: Secure Target
Texico Plot: Get Your Man
Texico Bounty: sefadu Berserker.

Nick’s sefadu Team:
sefadu Assault Leader (2 Blood remaining), sefadu Berserker (2 Blood remaining) , sefadu Medic (full Blood), sefadu Sniper (full Blood), sefadu Gunner (full Blood)

Nick left the sefadu Demo on the bench for this mission. He was out of Grenades and was down to 1 Blood, and Nick had no VP’s from the last Encounter with the ISS to resupply. Tough times. 

My Texico Team:
Texico Leader, Texico Marshal, Texico Heavy Assault, Texico Demo, Texico Jaguar (all full Blood)

sefadu is fast and in-your-face. I looked to try and turn sefadu’s strength into my strength as well. Taking Team Members that have a focus on short-range tactics would help me do that. The Sniper will sit this one out and rest for Encounter 2 against Henry’s ISS. 

sefadu Notes:
Pro: Nick picked well when choosing sides. He was able to find a Level 3 platform for his sefadu Sniper with good fire-lanes. Texico doesn’t have stellar Courage scores, so I knew I had to be mindful. 

Pro: The pressure was on right away. Nick pushed hard with the sefadu Gunner and sefadu Berserker. I was immediately trying to keep out of range of the Gunner’s template - driving me right into the sefadu Assault Leader and sefadu Medic.

Pro: Nick was really calm, despite the Gods of Chance still punishing him for some perceived slight. I could see the frustration, but he didn’t give up and concede, even when it was just his elevated sefadu Sniper left on the table. He wanted me to lose resources in this victory.

Con: That pressure I was feeling might have worked against Nick - I was able to burn down the Berserker with my Marshal in Turn 2 using Move&Fire. I took an early lead with 2VP’s and the Bounty bonus to FN. 

Texico Notes:
Pro: I play Nick a lot, and I was wise to his tactics. Usually I’m forced to be herded by the sefadu Berserker and sefadu Gunner, but I went right for the sefadu Berserker. 

Pro: Teaming up the Texico Leader and Texico Heavy Assault is a winning combination. 3 Shots at FN 7 before enviornmental modifiers is rough on an Opponent. I took out the sefadu Gunner and sedafu Sniper using this combination. 

Pro: The Texico Jaguar is a brutal alpha-striker. Using Move&Fire to shoot twice at an in-the-open enemy at short range, followed by Fighter is incredible. The sefadu Medic went from full Blood to down in one short activation. 
Con: I apparently decided to hamstring myself in this match; I never once used the Focus Fire Corporate plot. I’m sure a couple misses would have been hits if I had done so. 

Number of Turns: 6
sefadu VP’s: 2
Texico VP’s: 7

Winner: Texico. I used my VP’s to Capture the Comm Tower. 
Encounter 2:
Henry and I played a re-match from last week, but on my least-favorite map: Fuel Depot. I also didn’t recover all of my lost Blood from Encounter 1 against Nick’s sefadu - I was at a minor disadvantage.

Map: GF9 Fuel Depot
Location: Comm. Tower
ISS  Mission: Secure Target
sefadu Plot: Automated Defenses
Texico Mission: Secure Target
Texico Plot: Get Your Man
Texico Bounty: ISS Calypso

Henry’s ISS Team
ISS Assault Leader (full Blood), ISS Calypso (2 Blood remaining), ISS Wavefinder (2 Blood Remaining), ISS Sniper (full Blood), ISS Heavy Assault (Full Blood).

I was a little surprised Henry sat the ISS Booster out for this game. He was only 1 Blood down and is a great rifleman with a, FN6 after PA’s. 

My Texico Team:
Texico Leader (full Blood), Texico Marshal (full Blood), Texico Heavy Assault (2 Blood remaining), Texico Sniper (full Blood), Texico Jaguar (2 Blood remaining)

The Demo’s Smoke Grenade would have been neat here, obscuring the center objective. But he only had 1 Blood after Encounter 1, so, he took a rest. 

ISS Notes
Pro: I felt like Henry had positional advantage here. He got the ISS Wavefinder elevated and dropped the Turret on Turn 2. The Calypso was able to hide out of LOS and was within Siren Song distance by Turn 2. The Armor 3 ISS Leader and ISS Heavy bee-lined for the center objective, and were scoring VP’s by Turn 2. I felt like I was on the ropes.

Pro: Gaining LOS was tough in this one. Henry made sure my only targets were the Armor 3 ISS Leader and ISS Heavy; this made it so I only had the potential to deal Blood with my Texico Heavy until armor failure. 

Pro: Henry perfectly executed a perfect ISS Calypso trident+ ISS Heavy lightning thrower combination. It kept his ISS Calypso from being hit by Armor Failure and grabbed the Texico Marshal, who I thought was out of range! I was impressed. 

Con: After dropping it in Turn 2, Henry forgot about Overwatch fire from the Turret until Turn 5. It would have been an entirely different game if this hadn’t happened. 

Texico Notes:
Pro: Teaming up the Texico Heavy Assault with the Texico Leader again was extra amazing with the Monument Square bonus. The Texico Heavy was the MVP, dropping both the ISS Leader and ISS Heavy  who were scoring VP’s for Henry. FN 7 at a target in cover is almost Sniper level accuracy. 

Pro: I think I’m figuring out the Fuel Depot map. I was able to keep the Texico Marshal and Texico Jaguar out of Line-of-Effect from Siren Song until the Texico Jaguar could pounce. It cost me a potential VP to have the Texico Jaguar take the ISS Calypso down instead of the Texico Marshal, but it was worth not losing them both to Siren Song. 

Con: I played way too conservatively in this Encounter. I was only able to get one Team Member within scoring range by Turn 6. Even though I won, I only scored a total of 2 VP’s. 

Con: Again, no use of the Focus Fire Corporate Ability. I am The Worst. 

Number of Turns: 6
ISS VP’s: 1
Texico VP’s: 2

Winner: Texico. I spent my VP’s to Capture the Comm Tower. Note: The Comm Tower and Monument Square bonuses to not stack. Texico either gets a +1 Leadership board-wide, or a +2 for being within 1 card of the Texico Leader. 

Encounter 3:
We took a short break after Encounter 2. We talked about the rules for the Campaign, and everyone agreed that they were working so far. That was great news. Dave had just been routed by Nick, but was ready for a third match against Texico. 

Map: Custom (see picture 2)
Location: Factory
KemVar Mission: Facility Defense
KemVar Plot: From the Shadows
Texico Mission: Recon
Texico Plot: Get Your Man
Texico Bounty: KemVar Assassin

Dave’s KemVar Team:
KemVar Assault Leader, KemVar Assassin, KemVar Sniper, KemVar Heavy Assault, KemVar Sniper

This looked like the optimal KemVar team to me, I can’t fault Dave for leaving the KemVar Demo behind for Repulsor Tags. 

My Texico Team:
Texico Leader (full Blood), Texico Marshal (2 Blood remaining), Texico Heavy Assault (2 Blood remaining), Texico Demo (full Blood), Texico Jaguar (2 Blood remaining)

Even though the Texico Sniper was a full Blood, I needed Smoke Grenade here to try and take the KemVar Heavy Assault out of the equation. I’ve played Dave more than a few times, and he likes to bait people with the KemVar Assassin, then mow them down in an Extended-T. 

KemVar Notes:
Pro: Man, MP 2 on a Heavy Assault makes all the difference. The KemVar Heavy was elevated and Set on Turn 2. He had LOS on most of the field, so I was weary. 

Pro: The KemVar Assassin really fooled me. I thought he was going to home-in on the Texico Jaguar (who was obviously going to do the Recon), but flanked hard-left on Turn 2 to counter my Texico Demo and Texico Marshal. 

Pro: Dave really put the hurt on. Even though it was an uphill battle for him most of the Encounter, he was able to put down my Texico Demo and Texico Marshal on Turn 5 and use Repulsor Tag forced movement to put Blood on my Texico Heavy Assault and Texico Leader. 

Con: I don’t think that Dave was aggressive enough. He could see that my Texico Leader and Texico Heavy were providing support fire from the back field, but he tried to out-shoot me. Normally this would have been a good tactic, but with Smoke Grenades and a +2 Leadership on the Texico Heavy Assault gave me the upper hand in a firefight. 

Texico Notes:
Pro: Using Smoke Grenades to hinder the KemVar Assassin and the KemVar Heavy Assault was crucial to getting an extra VP for me. Most people don’t like the Texico Demo, but I’m coming around and liking him more and more. 

Pro: I stayed focused on the Mission on this one. The Texico Jaguar is usually my go-to guy when it comes to dealing Blood in a hurry, but he spent the whole game completing the Recon. 5VP’s!

Con: No Focus Fire Corporate Ability. Ugh.

Con: I really underestimated Dave’s rolling. He rolled more 9’s and 10’s when firing with the KemVar Heavy than I’ve ever seen. I paid for it by having two Team Members KO’d by Turn 6. 

Number of Turns: 6
KemVar VP’s: 5
Texico VP’s: 6

Winner: Texico. I didn’t capture the Factory on this one, content with having enough VP’s banked for Upkeep next week. 

Overall Notes:
A lot of the guys were frustrated early on, but they confessed it was because of the pressure: These games count! I was also happy that the Stratagem benefits didn’t seem too game-breaking. 

I have a hard decision come Week 2. Do I abandon the Comm. Tower and Monument Square to keep my healthy VP lead? Or do I upkeep and find myself tied for last in VP count? 

The Scoreboard: 
Team: Texico
Controller: Curtis
VP’s: 9
Territory: Comm Tower, Monument Square

Team: sefadu
Controller: Nick
VP’s: 5
Territory: None. 

Team: KemVar
Controller: Dave
VP’s: 5
Territory: None

Team: ISS
Controller: Henry
VP’s: 4
Territory: Ammo Depot, Forward Ops Base

Team: USCR
Controller: Ray
VP’s: 0 (did not attend Week 1)
Territory: None. 


Nick and Henry on Week 1!


The Campaign map for “Conquer New Georgetown”. 

New Georgetown has the following 9 Location Stratagems, each with their own Benefit, Victory Point Capture cost, and Upkeep cost:
1. Comm Tower - Leadership Range Bonus (board wide)
   Capture Cost: 3VP
   Upkeep Cost: 3VP
2. Hospital - +1 to all MERCS healing rolls
   Capture Cost: 3VP
   Upkeep Cost 3VP
3. Monument Square: - Leadership grants +2 bonus
   Capture Cost: 2VP
   Upkeep Cost: 2VP
4. Airfield: Supply Drop may re-roll scatter
   Capture Cost: 1VP
   Upkeep Cost: 1VP
5. Warehouse - One free consumable item (grenade, med-kit, repair kit, etc.)
   Capture Cost: 1VP
   Upkeep Cost: 1VP
6. Recon Outpost - +1 Reaction to MERCS
   Capture Cost: 2VP
   Upkeep Cost: 2VP
7. Forward Ops Base - Redeploy MERCS before first Initiative roll
   Capture Cost: 3VP
   Upkeep Cost: 3VP
8. Factory - +1 Repair checks
   Capture Cost: 1VP
   Upkeep Cost: 1VP
9. Ammo Depot - One free specialized Ammo Clip
   Capture Cost: 1VP
   Upkeep Cost: 1VP

How to control New Georgetown:
1.) Determine opponent. MERCS Controllers (players) cannot play the same team more than twice per week, and cannot play more than 3 encounters per week. 
2.) Controllers roll a d10. Highest roll determines which Location will be the battlefield. 
3.) Play a Campaign Encounter of MERCS using MERC-Achilles Unofficial Campaign rules and Scenario Generator.
4.) The winning MERCS Controller may spend VP’s to Capture the location. The Controller’s MERCS team will gain that benefit as long as it is under control.
5.) At the beginning of each week, MERCS Controllers must pay the Upkeep Cost of each Location before any Encounters are played. If the Upkeep Cost is not paid, the Location becomes Uncontrolled. 
6.) The first MERCS Controller to accumulate 30VP’s immediately gains full Control of New Georgetown and wins!

House-rules and deviations from MERC Achilles’s Unofficial Campaign Rules:
1. There is no limit to the number of players in the campaign for New Georgetown. 
2. MERCS Team Members who do not recover any blood (have 0 blood) at the end of an Encounter are not dead. Instead, the will not be able to participate in an Encounter until at least 1 Blood is recovered after an Encounter.
3. MERCS Controllers are not required to field 5 MERCS Team Members in an Encounter. 


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